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The Network

"While mushrooms might be the most familiar part of a fungus, most of their bodies are made up of a mass of thin threads, known as a mycelium. We now know that these threads act as a kind of underground internet, linking the roots of different plants. That tree in your garden is probably hooked up to a bush several metres away, thanks to mycelia...


It's an information superhighway that speeds up interactions between a large, diverse population of individuals. It allows individuals who may be widely separated to communicate and help each other out."


Nic Fleming (BBC Earth)


Stay up to date as things progress, network with us and each other. Let’s start communicating, sharing ideas, best practice and opportunities and see where it leads. You can follow us on Twitter @chesterfieldcep and @growthstaveley. Read or contribute to our blog, soon to be launched from our website.

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