Using Arts, Heritage, Enterprise & the Environment to inspire positive change across the whole community

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We have big dreams here at Community Growth! We aim to provide a place where everyone has a valuable role to play. A place to find support, things to do, learning and training opportunities, enterprise and micro-businesses.


  • Develop pride in the local area and build a stronger community

  • To make Staveley into a National Industrial Revolution Hub based at Barrow Hill Memorial Hall and linked to and placed in context to other sites of interest within Staveley, Chesterfield and the Surrounding Area

  • Provide a range of alternative education programmes using heritage, environment and arts – for schools, lifelong learning and private workshops

  • Create a number of social enterprise projects to engage with all members of the community working towards a shared goal

  • Develop a range of products and services to generate revenue and make the projects sustainable and less reliant upon grant funding

  • Encourage tourism to the area and promote local destinations such as the Trans Pennine Way. The Barrow Hill Roundhouse & Chesterfield Canal

  • Develop a Youth Leadership Team as a vehicle for the local young people to lead on activities and create new opportunities

  • Promote Healthy Eating and Lifestyle



Aims & Objectives

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Vision Statement

A positive community that values everyone for who they are, supporting them to reach their full potential

Mission Statement

To create a proud, thriving community through the development of opportunities, education and training.


We believe that real change comes from the grass roots and that together as a community we have the ability to transform our future and the future of our area.