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Industrial Revolution Trail

Chesterfield to be the go to place to learn about the Industrial Revolution...























There is no better way to understand and learn about Chesterfield's industrial past than to visit the areas fascinating heritage sites.


Wonderful work has and still is being carried out by hard working groups all striving to conserve and improve the area.


Together, they weave together the compelling story of our not too distant heritage.


The Partnership will work together to develop and promote the area as the go to place to learn about the Industrial Revolution – Past and Present. Most importantly we will empower the community to become the experts.


While the key sites in the area have a distinctive identity and their own tale to tell, this Partnership will work towards the joining up of these stories in context to one another. These will be linked together through an Industrial Revolution Trail that will be used as a framework for engagement for schools, local cultural organisations and businesses. It is an idea which builds into current, local thinking.


Industrial heritage is significant within the context of the area; it’s why the area exists and became prosperous during the Industrial Revolution. There are members of the community (including businesses) who want to build on this Industrial Heritage, both from a high-end tourism perspective and linking it to the school curriculum. The idea within the Staveley area is for each school to link to a part of the Industrial Cultural Heritage Trail and using this as a hook to provide children and young people with opportunities to not only learn about their cultural heritage but to provide access to high-quality art and cultural activities at school and in their local community.


One way we aim to help tell this story is by linking together the key sites with a walking/bicycle trail. We are currently seeking funding to help make this happen. So please check back soon to see how it has developed. Or if you are interested in helping in anyway please drop us an email.


Please explore the amazing work carried out by some of our partners below;



Or, better still, go visit or find out how you can get involved!


The Industrial Heritage Trail will form part of the work carried out by the recently formed Chesterfield Cultural Education Partnership.