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Staveley & Chesterfield


Image: Staveley Sunset. Copyright; Community Growth CIC, 2015

Ever wondered why Staveley Hall was built or what Barrow Hill Roundhouse is all about? Why is the Canal here or the Pennine Way?


Situated pretty much in the centre of England, and with thanks to a local landsacpe rich with 'black gold' this was the perfect bubbling pot for a Revolution, something so great that it not only affected the local community but whose endeavors were felt across the whole world. A fine and noble heritage built on innovation, courage and good honest graft.


We, at Community Growth aim to find out more about our heritage and help share that story with the world. Fantastic work and research has been carried out on the area has been carried out over the years, and continues to be, by dedicated members of the community. For instance, check out this wonderful bank of work carried out by Staveley Remembers and  Friends of St Andrews Church F.O.S.T.A. Soak up their hard earned info, or better still get involved! They are always looking for new stories and input.


Once at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, this thriving town and surrounding villages were a hive of activity with a strong community foundation. This feeling of community was still felt during our childhood. Memories of working together, socialising together and even holidaying together as whole villages. A time where the local Miner's Welfare was the place to be!


Things have changed over the years and the community looks a lot different today. It could be argued that we are not so connected to or supportive of one another as we once were. The days of being able to walk out of one job and in to another are no longer and there is a general lack of opportunities across the board.


We are passionate about Chesterfield and our community. This is our home town, the place we grew up and went to school in. A town we are proud of, made up of family and friends, their families and friends and so on. We are aware of the assets this town has to offer, not least the skills that sit underutilised within our community, and we have a plan to use these for change.


Be a part of that change.... We need you!    Get involved!