Using Arts, Heritage, Enterprise & the Environment to inspire positive change across the whole community

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Chesterfield Cultural Education Partnership


By changing young people’s perception through engagement with arts and culture this partnerships key aim is and that when our children do fly they think of Chesterfield with pride and as a place that supported them to reach their full potential.

Nat and BH girls over the bridge

The forming of the Chesterfield Cultural Education Partnership (CEP) is in response to the Arts Council England’s, Cultural Education Challenge,  and we aim to have an impact across the whole of the community, by ensuring that every person has access to a life which is creative, healthy and rich in culture. Our activities will raise aspirations and empower people to learn new skills, take ownership, make positive changes and promote a healthy lifestyle for mind and body.


The Chesterfield CEP will be led by Community Growth CIC, which formed out of Growth Activities Ltd. They previously worked with The Mighty Creatives on the Locally Based Partnership Programme, through which many partnerships were established which this CEP builds upon and co-production methods were used. This learning will be at the core of the Partnerships’ programing and therefore will run through the arts and cultural activities which the CEP designs.  


What will success look like?

Our vision is that all children, young people and the community in Staveley (and eventually the wider Chesterfield area) will have the opportunity to engage – through arts and cultural activities - with their Industrial Heritage and through this they will develop a sense of pride in their local area. They will be tasked to co-produce cultural tourism and educational opportunities, becoming experts in their local heritage.


It is known that engaging in heritage based activities can have a positive impact on those involved and the community where that activity takes place. The aim of the Chesterfield CEP is to inspire a cultural overhaul across the community. Arts and heritage will be at its core and through these activities the CEP aims to improve the health and wellbeing of its young people and their community through education and physical activity.


Ultimately, this will begin to change the perception of the area from a ‘land of deprivation’ to a ‘land of opportunity’ as we develop Chesterfield as the go to place to learn about the Industrial Revolution, past and present. Through this development we would hope to see an increase in opportunities for the local community.

Chesterfield CEP Advocacy

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The Chesterfield Cultural Education Partnership will seek to address the inequalities of opportunity children, young people and the wider community, face when accessing Arts and Culture in Staveley and the wider Chesterfield and Derbyshire Area.

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